Ordering product samples and binders

Bois Lamica gives you the opportunity to order samples of our various wood veneers. To find out about the species available, see the Our veneers section and use the form below to submit your request. We need to know the scope of your project and also the matching required to ensure that the samples provided are representative. To find out about the various matching techniques available, see the Our matching techniques section.

If you need ten sheets for your project, a single sample will suffice. However, for a project requiring 50 sheets, we will need to send you a few samples to give you a good idea of the possible variations. Remember that each tree is unique!

Bois Lamica also offers a binder containing samples of the main wood species we sell. You can purchase the binder for $75 using the form below. We will be happy to respond to your request as soon as possible.

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